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Formed in March of 2003, Don Tetto is one of Colombia’s most popular bands, with a following that has led them to numerous performances and winning an MTV award.
Don Tetto first gained attention during an open call to a band competition called CPS (Schools Throughout Bogota) sponsored by the youth station Radioactiva. This call received more than 300 demos. Don Tetto was selected as one of the twelve bands to audition live before more than a thousand people. By unanimous decision of the judges, they won the competition and gained sponsorship of the organizing station.
Since then, Don Tetto has released a number of songs and began to develop a following. Songs like “Pienso”, “Yo estaré bien” and “Soledad” earned them a spot in the popular “Rock al Parque” event in 2006, before an audience of more than 60,000 people.
In 2007, under the supervision of prestigious producer Jorge “Pyngwi” Holguín, Don Tetto launched their first album “Lo Que No Sabias” which broke sales records and became the fourth most sold album on the date of release in the history of Tower Records Colombia.
Soon their single “Ha Vuelto a Suceder” became one of the most broadcast songs in the country, expanding their musical reach to regions and cities never before imagined. The musical style of Don Tetto has definite rock and punk influences, seasoned with pop, with some ballads as well. Don Tetto’s music is enthusiastically received by their countrymen and their influence is expanding, thanks to the video of “Ha Vuelto A Suceder,” which has gained international attention and fans for the band.
The opportunity to expand their tour internationally is approaching quickly. Recently, Don Tetto spent four months touring and promoting their music throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Mexico with the absolute support of the label Cabeza de Raton.
The video of the song “Adicto al dolor (lagrimas)” earned the band nominations at the MTV Awards in the categories “Revelation Artist” and “Best Artist Central.”
In October of 2009, Don Tetto performed their highly anticipated concert in the city of Bogota, which was recorded and burned to DVD on 31 of October of 2009 in the Bogota Metropol Theater. This high quality footage utilized the latest production, lights, and sound technology, and documents Don Tetto’s live performance on a glorious afternoon, with all the power and energy of the group, and the devotion of their fans or “Tettomaniacs” some who traveled from different cities in Colombia to be part of the first DVD and CD “Lo Que No Sabias Live Tour.” The DVD was released for sale in June of 2010, and was directed by Al Marenco Suarez, and produced by Fabio Acosta and Alejandro Arias.
Don Tetto’s first video, “Fallido Intento” was highly anticipated after winning acclaim as “Best Artist Central” at the 2009 MTV Awards. The video was showcased on the ‘Lo Que No Sabias Live Tour” DVD, and reached the #1 position on the “10+ Pedidos” countdown of the most requested videos on MTV Latino America, and still holds the spot of “Top 10 of Most Viewed Videos” on the video channel HTV.
In July of 2010 Don Tetto returned with their new album “Mienteme-Prometeme,” featuring twelve songs and demonstrating once more why Don Tetto remains one of the greatest proponents of this musical genre in Colombia and Latin America.
“Mienteme-Prometeme” was produced by Jorge “Pyngwi” Holguin, recorded, mixed, and mastered between February and May of 2010 at Hit Factory Studios in the city of Miami with additional recordings at Cherokee Studio East-Miami, FL, and Artico Records in the city of Bogota. The album was mixed in The Surgery Room by Andres Saavedra.
Mastering by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering in the city of Los Angeles and the cover art was created by Alejandro Arias “ADO”.
Actually Don Tetto is working in his new studio Album that is going to be produced by Toby Tobon and engineering, recorded and Mixed by 14 Grammy awardS winner Thom Russo. Don Tetto Third studio Album is coming out on May 2014.

Bullet Points

- Nominated for “Best Rock Album” at the 2011 Latin GRAMMYS Awards
- Winner for “Best Central Latin Act” at the Europe Music Awards 2012
- Winner for “Best Central Act” at the MTV Latin American Awards 2009.
- Nominated as “World Wide Act Latin America” at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011.
- Nominated for “Best Central Act” and “Breakthrough Artist” at the MTV Latin American Awards 2008.
- “Mienteme-Prometeme” (Don Tetto’s second album) achieved Platinum Sales in Colombia. (2012)
- “Lo Que No Sabias” (Don Tetto’s first album) achieved Platinum Sales in Colombia.(2011)
- In August 2007, “Lo Que No Sabias” (Don Tetto’s first álbum) was the most selling record of the month and held the 4th position for the most selling record in the first day of release at Tower Records Colombia.
- Don Tetto was the first band worldwide to play a live concert at a platform at 30 mts of height, where the Fans downloaded the music and also the band.
- “Tettomania” is their Fan Base, and has spread to other countries different than Colombia, there are Tettomaniacs in all Latin America, USA, Central Europe, Indonesia, Japan and more. Is one of the biggest, strongest and dedicated fan base of a Latin American Act.
- Don Tetto has 9 Music Videos and 2 Live DVD’s : “Lo Que No Sabias Tour 2009″ and their “Don Tetto 360″ consisting on a 360 live format concert.
- Winner for “Best New School Artist” at the Shock awards 2007
- Winner for “Best Radio Song – Adicto al Dolor” at the Shock awards 2009
- Winner for “Best Radio Song – No Digas lo Siento” at the Shock awards 2010
- Winner for “Best Album of the Year – Mienteme – Prometeme” at the Shock awards 2010
- Winner for “Best Rock Artist” at the Shock awards 2010
- Winner for “Best Rock Song – No Digas lo Siento” at the Radiocan Awards 2010
- Winner for “Best Rock Artist of the Year” at the Nuestra Tierra Awards 2011
- Winner for “Best Rock Act of the Year” at the Nuestra Tierra Awards 2011
- Winner for “Best Radio Song – Mi Error” at the Shock awards 2011
- Winner for “Song of the Year – Mi Error” at the Radiocan Awards 2011
- Winner for “Best Rock Song – Mi Error” at the Radiocan Awards 2011
- Winner for “Best Rock Artist” at the Nuestra Tierra Awards 2012
- Winner for “Best Rock Act of the Year – Mienteme – Prometeme” at the Nuestra Tierra Awards 2012
- Opening act for Green Day at the Nem-Catacoa Festival Bogota, Colombia
- Don Tetto works with the family of: Gibson, D’addario, InTune Guitar Picks, Meinl, Promark, and Evans.
- Don Tetto World Tour visited : Peru, Venezuela,some of the most important cities in the USA such as Miami, Chicago, New York, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles among others, Mexico, Ecuador, Puerto Rico.
- Listed as one of the top 100 most influyent personalities in Colombia by Gerente magazine.
- Don Tetto has been always recognized in Latin America for their history, work and display of their wide social-media profiles, as in Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google+, PureVolume amongs others.
- First Colombian band to be part of the game Rock Band with “Fallido Intento” and ‘Adicto al Dolor”.
- To date all of Don Tetto’s videos has reached top numbers with multiple #1 in music channels such as MTV Latin America, MTV3 and HTV amongs others.


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