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Heartan”Jiggy” Lever Criado was born June 2nd of 1983, child of Luz Marina Criado Angarita (Ocaña, North of Santader) and Heartan Lever Bowie (San Andres Island), he was raised in “San Luis” one of the most cultural and traditional neighborhood int eh island, Jiggy was always into music because his father was a musician and he had this big collection of LP’s going from “Kool and the gang” to “Oscar D’ Leon” even vallenato’s legend “Diomedes Diaz”.


Every sunday his father used to play music at loud and everybody were dancing except him, specially when the vallenato’s row strike, instead of that Jiggy used to go and play with his hood friends. Jiggy remembers very well all them nigths when his father used to take him to “Jennie Bay” a “pickup”(sound system) at the beach where people used to party in the early 90′s dancing to the sounds of “hattian compa”, “reggae” and “the jamaican dub”; Jiggy was too young to comprehend what was going on so he felt asleep at the speaker and at that moment he felt in love with the caribbean baseline. By that time he told his father to take him to those places more often but this time he didn’t felt asleep, he used to sit with the DJ and watch him mix, and he loved how the people react when they play the hit of the moment. But Jiggy’s life change completely the day when he discovered B.E.T.(Black Enterteinment Television) and he met Hip Hop,R&B and Dancehall music, he felt his self identified with these sounds because it was something different of what they were playing at the radio in the island at that time.


Jiggy’s only problem was that he didn’t had access to the albums of the artist that he liked, until his neighbor Mr. Terencio Howard recorded some videos with a VCR and then jiggy started to learn the songs and better yet to translate them. Jiggy used to take some ideas from hip hop songs and put them in to spanish with his friend “Fabian Perez Hooker (aka Hety)” and they form the duo “Hety D’ Man & Da Hart”. These two kids became popular in the school and they used to compete in spanish class to see who wrote the funniest poem in the classroom.


Jiggy had a few cd’s on his collection “The Struggle Continues(Super cat)”,”Da Bomb(Kriss Kross)”,”Boombastic(Shaggy)” but there is one album that inspired him to write his own songs and that’s the Hip Hop classic “The Score(The Fugges)”.


By the time Jiggy had this 50 leaves copybook full of songs and he used to locked his self in his room performing concerts to his loyal fan “the mirror”, sister Sheyla Lever used to worry because he locked in the room all evening long. Jiggy wanted to record his lyrics so he asked his parents for a piano and a microphone as a birthday present, and 1996 was the year when he heard his voice by the first time on a tape rapping over the piano tracks. In 1997 Jiggy bought another album that change his perspective about rap “No Way Out (by Puff Daddy Nad The Family)” by the first time he heard classic piano keys and live strings over rap beats, so he wanted to start making his own beats, but he realized he didn’t had a clue about making music, so he asked his parents to put him into a music school or the “Banda Juvenil Departamental” but they didn’t had the economical support to buy another instrument so all he could do was watch the band rehearsal from far.


Jiggy kept recording tapes at his home and started to loop songs by “Jay-z, the Notorious BIG, Mase, 2pac, R.kelly and Ice cube (among others) he used to spit bars at the end of each track. In 1998 Jiggy met Jose Antonio Florez Corpus( aka BULL) he had a group called “Solofun” with some folks from the block, they used to make music home videos and they asked jiggy to be a part of the group and so the record “La Colision”. In 1999 Jiggy met Alford Hugdson(aka Curry) when both knew they had a home studio they started to make beef songs to each other to see who was the illest on the mic, the funny thing about it was that they used to deliver the songs personally to each other homes. After a year of beef they decided to found the group S.A.Finest( San Andres Finest), Guillermo Mendivil(aka Guillito) came up with the name and he also made part of the group and couple months later by unknown reasons he decided to left the group. George Pomare (aka Blaze) join the hip hop group putting some dancehall flavor on it.


In 2001, Jiggy met Mark Lever a distant relative who was kind of a geek, he was into computers and technology, he listen to couple of S.A.Finest songs and he stayed shocked because he didn’t knew they were making music like this in the island, so he offers the group to record they songs on a burned out cd and then Jiggy discovers that Mark sings R&B and he invited him to joint the group. S.A.Finest decided to used popular beats and they record the first commercial single “La Playa” on R.kelly’s “Fiesta instrumental” . The first radio station that support the group was “Marina stereo” (a comunitary army radio station). At that time Jiggy had a beef with islander ragamuffin rapper “Mr. Steve” and he[jiggy] made a freestyle dissing him, but the song didn’t went far from his block. After this jiggy’s cousin Billy Francis (from a group called K-yo) adopts jiggy and he toke him to Bogota city to take some Piano classes and then he went to the music school “Francisco Cristancho”. 2 years after the freestyle Mr. Steve decided to respond but this lyrical war was only known in the underground until 7 days later jiggy strikes back with the classic “No Hay Liga”, the island was divided by both artist fans, a radio station decided to make a battle on a popular bar to squash the beef and see who was the greatest, Jiggy came with the victory and became the islander lyrical king and also a role model for upcoming islander rappers.


Jiggy return to Bogota and he met Billy jack Hooker they became good friends and he introduce Jiggy to Lianna, Big mancilla and Benny Bass ( one of colombia’s best hip hop producers), Benny was interested to work with Jiggy so they recorded “Undergroove” (Jiggy’s first official solo album), this album was a fresh air to colombian hip hop at that time with influences such as Mos Def, Talib kweli, Jay-Z & Common among others. This album open the door for Jiggy to perform at the 2004 “Hip Hop Al Parque” Festival, he win the respect of the colombian hip hop public.


After being recognized as a solo artist Jiggy decided to introduce his group S.A.Finest to the colombian public, so they went back to the recording studio and they made the islander party banger “Flat batty Gial” which became #1 on all the radio station in the island. After the success of the group, Mark decided to get more focus on his studies so he left the group and Blaze had hard times struggling with his drugs habits so his family decided to take him to rehab. S.A.FInest went back to duo with just Curry & Jiggy and they record 3 mixtapes “The Best Of Bad Words(vol.1,2,3)” and became popular on cities like Cartagena, Barranquilla, Cali, Medellin and also Bogota. S.A.Finest open the door on this cities for fellow islander artist such as Hety & Zambo, Mr.Steve, Jack style, Buxxi, Los Desordenados, among others and they put the island back on the map just like how groups such as “Magical beat” and “The Rebels” did a long time ago.


Jiggy became a popular artist in the web thanks to communities like “Myspace”, “facebook” , “Hi 5″ and “Youtube” these social communities help jiggy to promote his music and also music videos directed by his old friend BULL, thanks to good friends like Felipe Valencia owner of the clothing store “crazy shark” is giving Jiggy advice to look different from all the urban music artist “bling bling” cliché, he’s trying to put a caribbean cool style in to the industry.


Now Jiggy meets “El Ritmo Records” CEO Andres Franco, and he decided to sign Jiggy into the label after collaborating on recording artist John Black on his song “Desnudate”. Now they are working on Jiggy’s upcoming album NERDSIDE.

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